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Supply Rigidity , Aging ,Fireproof ,Waterproof Natural Stone Paint

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Product/Service: Rigidity , Aging ,Fireproof ,Waterproof Natural Stone Paint  
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Product detailed description

Manufacture with 16 years
Excellent conditioning the humidity.
Superior mildew and bacterial resistance.
Purify air

Product description:

H6000 Natural Stone Paint ,is a type of ultra premium architectural paint,made of specific acrylic emulsion,with the marble-like or granite-like effect.It is ideal for commercial use,public buildings,private residence and various grade interior and exterior coatings.

Product attributes:

High rigidity,good stain resistance,aging resistance and thermo-isolate.

Excellent resistance of fire,water,alkali,acid rain,frost and thaw.

Durable color retention and nice appearance of 3D.

Strong adhesion and excellent weather resistance.

Excellernt substitute for natural stone surface with premium quality and economical price.

Water-based,nontoxic and easy application.

Direction for operation:



Theoretical Coverage:4m2/Kg,twice(related to the flatness and density of the surface)

Application cautions:

All surfaces must be clean,dry,fully cured,and free from dust and stain.

Water rate<10%,PH<10

Prior to application of Natural Stone Surface Paint,the supporting waterproof primer should be used first with 3-4m2/kg.

Put the paint into the spray lance with a pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa.(Single-color spray lance,double-color spray paint,or three-color spray paint are available.)

Make sure the muzzle is 0.35-0.6m away from the surface of the wall.For the first time,spray fast and thin.While the second time,spray slowly and equably.

When the paint film is completely dry,cover the surface with finish in spraying way.

Application cautions:

The operating temperature should above 10°C,while humid rate<80%.

Do not be used in raining days.

Be stored in damp-proof shade,and keep away from freezing.

Stir well before use.

We are also pleasure for OEM order.

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