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Supply Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Used In Gasoline Engine Tail Gas Purifying System

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Product/Service: Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Used In Gasoline Engine Tail Gas Purifying System  
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Product detailed description

*the wall thickness
*low pressure drop
*high surface area
*height compressive strength
*low thermal expansion coefficient

The gasoline engine tail gas purifier carrier coated with catalyst is suitable for
and is currently one of the most important means to control tail gas purification
for gasoline engine discharge of tail gas in motorized vehicles.  Our honeycomb
ceramics are characterized by unique honeycomb structure, low expansion coefficient,
good thermal stability, large specific area and low pressure loss, and reach
domestic advanced level.
Chemical and physical properties:

1) Chemical composition: Al2O3, 35.2±1%; SiO2, 50.9±1%; MgO 13.9±1%

2) Content of main crystal phase of cordierite: ≥90%

3) Compression strength under normal temperature: direction A ≥20MPa, directionB≥4MPa

4) Water absorption: 23-27%

5) Softening temperature: >1,420oC

6) Flame resistance: >1,600oC

7) Thermal expansion coefficient: ≤1.3 x 10-6/oC

8) Thermal shock resistance: no crack under 650oC air-cooling

9) Wall thickness: 0.17-0.20mm (400 cells/square inch), 0.12-0.15mm (600cells/squareinch)

10) Volumetric weight: 0.40-0.50g/L

11) Tolerance of outside dimensions: ±1%Specifications:

1) Pore density: 400 cells/square inch

2) Section shape: circular

3) Outside dimensions: Ø150 x100mm, Ø144 x 152.4mm, Ø118 x 152.4mm, Ø115.4 x 152.4mm, Ø106 x 100mm, Ø103 x 100mm, Ø101.6 x 152.4mm, Ø100 x 100mm, Ø93 x 152.4mm, Ø83 x 152.4mm, Ø80 x 100mm; lane-shape (oval) Ø169 x 85.7 x 115mm, Ø169 x 80.8 x 115mm, Ø148 x 84 x 152.4mm, Ø144.8 x 81.3 x 152.4mm, Ø127 x 63.5 x 152.4mm, Ø93 x 61 x 90mm, Ø120.6 x 80 x 152.4mm, Ø143 x 98 x 152.4mm, Ø147 x 95 x 152.4mm; special-shape 144 x 84 x 75mm, 114 x 105 x 115mm, 112.2 x 92 x 115mm, 119.5 x 99.5 x 115mm, 122.3 x 104.4 x 80mm

4) Note: the products of pore density up to 400 pores, outside dimensions up to 150 x 150 and height up to 200 may be customized as per clients' requirements
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