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Product/Service: fiberglass sink  
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Product detailed description

fiberglass sink:
1.light weight,high strength;
2.anti-corrosion,fire resistance;
3.excellent insulation;

fiberglass sink can resist corrosion from various gas or liquid such as acid, alkali, organic solvent and compound.They can be used as ladder material and in use in electricity industries.

fiberglass sink is a kind of compound materials which is formed by taking fiberglass as the reinforced material and thermosetting resin as base,the fiberglass xontinous roving enable the product to have the extremely high longitudinal strength, the surface mat makes the product have the doood rransverse strength.

Characters of fiberglass sink:

1.corrosion resistance

2.light weight and high strength

3.longevity of service,non-maintaining

4.steady whole performance


6.well insulated

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