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Brown Fused Alumina: Al2O3:95%MIN SiO2:1.5%MAX
White Fused Alumina: Al2O3:99%Min Na2O:0.4%Max

  Brown fused alumina/Brown fused aluminum oxide/White fused alumina/ White aluminum oxide

Brown Fused Alumina(Brown aluminum oxide) is characterized by high purity, good crystal, strong fluidity, low coefficient of linear expansion ,good corrosion-resistance and so on. After practical tests by dozens of refractory manufacturers, RS Brown Fused Alumina cant burst,pulverise and craze in the using course. In particular, its performance-cost ratio is much higher than traditional Brown Fused Alumina, making RS Brown Fused Alumina become the best aggregate and padding of brown fused alumina refractory materials.

Brown Fused Alumina Chemical composition:  Al2O3:95%MIN  Fe2O3:0.3%MAX  SiO2:1.5%MAX  TiO2:3.0%MAX  Magnetic material content(%) :0.05%MAX

 white fused alumina electrically fused in arc furnace with high grade processed alumina as raw material. White fused alumina has higher hardness and slight lower toughness comparing with brown fused alumina. White aluminum oxide is also characterized by its high purity, ability of self-sharpening, better cutting, less heat emit, higher efficiency, acid and alkali resistance, good thermal stability. As the abrasive materials, white aluminum oxide is suitable for grinding high-speed, high carbon steel, as loose grains, White fused alumina widely used for bonded and coated abrasives , polishing, precision casting and so on .

white fused alumina  chemical composition:

Al2O3:99%MIN  Na2O:0.5%MAX  CaO:0.5% MAX

Magnetic material content(%):0.003 %MAX

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