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Sell Aluminum Wooden Windows And Doors

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Product/Service: Aluminum Wooden Windows And Doors  
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Last Update: 2014-05-22
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Combines excellent insulation and weatherproof, good fire resistance. Wood/aluminum composite windows and doors enhance any home


1. PVC, Aluminum alloy, Thermal Break Aluminum Alloy, and Aluminum-wood composite materials are all available for the frames of these products.

2. Many sizes, colors, and styles are available for customers, please contact us for more info.

3. Single glass, double glazed IGU, painted glass, art glass and ultraviolet ray intercepting glass are all available as glazing options for these products.

4. Glass thickness: single-glass 4mm-12mm Double-glazing 4mm+6A+4mm, 8mm+12A+8mm

5. Manner of packing for shipment: wooden box packing, carton packing, plastic packing.

6. Processing size: from 400mm×400mm to 3500mm×3500mm

7. Window screen / insect screen: Invisible window screen, ordinary window screen, the optional screens can be taken off and washed. There are various kinds of colors of screen are available. All are made using fire-resistant yarn.

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