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Product/Service: plaster board  
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Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
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standard gypsum board,fire-proof gypsum board,moisture-proof gypsum board,PVC gypsum board and other some auxiliary materials

One of the  leading  product  in  our  company  is gypsum board, it contains standard gypsum board,fire-proof gypsum board,moisture-proof gypsum board, PVC gypsum board and other  some auxiliary materials  which might interest you.

1. Regular Gypsum board : 
Size:(mm)1200*2400  1220*2440 
Thickness:(mm) 7.5 to 15
Features : white paper-faced , square edge and tapered edge

Strength: >160N

Packing :in container, by hand 

2. Fireproof Gypsum board :
Size (mm) : 1200*2400  1220*2440  

Thickness(mm) : 9.5 to 15
Features : red paper-faced  square edge and tapered edge 

Strength: >160N

Packing : in container,by hand 

3 :Moisture-proof Gypsum board :
Size: (mm) 1200*2400  1220*2440  

Thickness (mm) :9.5 to 15

in container ,by hand 
Features : green paper-faced ,  square edge and tapered edge

Strength: >160N

Packing : in container ,by hand 

4.pvc (aluminium foild PET film) for ceiling 

Materials: One Side is PVC Laminated, the Other Side is
Aluminum Foil,in the Middle is Gypsum Board.
Size: (mm) 595*595  603*603  
Thickness : (mm) 7.0 to  9.0
Features : normal design and special paint 

This is just an example for plasterboard,we can offer other size upon your request.If something unclear or some questions, you can contact us at anytime you want, we will try our best to let you know our company and our products well.

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