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Sell ZB60-8 Multifunction Ultrathin fireproof Paint (Outdoor)

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Product/Service: ZB60-8 Multifunction Ultrathin fireproof Paint (Outdoor) 
Demand Quantity: 1000 Ton/T 
Price Requirement:   Inquiry
Size Requirement:
Package Requirement: 50L/drum
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
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Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description
1 Anti-fire protection for steel structure,exhibition hall,waiting hall
2 Good climate,shock assistance
3 Long time anti-fire

ZB60-8 Multifunction Ultrathin fireproof Paint (Outdoor)


Product description

-- Based on special flame-retarded resin in high strength, high-effective flame retardant, vesicant, polar solvent, addition agent

-- Thin coat, less dosage, long time anti-fire, strong adhesion force.

-- Good resistance of climate, wind and water, good shock resistance and freeze-thaw resistance.

-- Good chemical atmospheric corrosion resistant.

-- The cover will expand and form thickening and symmetrical thermal-protective coating when meeting fire, expending the time of fire resistant to achieve the anti-fire purpose.

-- Widely used. Low temperature operating.


Recommended uses

Anti-fire protection of bare steel structure as well as metal and other material structure of gymnasium, exhibiting hall, waiting hall, high-rise building, underground project and factory building.


Capability of anti-fire and Theory dosage

The time of anti-fire (min)





Coat thickness (mm)





Coat area (kg/)





Main performance: (Outdoors)

Test item

Technical target

1. State in the container

Liquid in symmetrical and morbidezza without agglomeration after stirring

2. Desiccation time(surface dry)

≤8 hours

3. Appearance and color


4. Crack resistance of earlier drying

Without crackle

5. Cohesional strength

≥0.2 (Mpa)

6. Hot and cold circulation resistant(times)


7. Exposure hot resistant (h)


8. Resistance to heat and humidity (h)


9. Acid resistant (h)


10.Alkali resistant (h)


11. Salt fog resistance (times)




-- Strictly treating the surface of the steel.

-- Dont touch the rain when operating.

-- The paint is based on menstruum. Generic dangerous goods and transport as generic dangerous goods.

-- Storage: 8 months in door ≤35. Still useful by testing if expending the period.

epoxy paint, fireproof coating, industrial coatings

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