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Sell water treatmentand flame retardant Auminum hydroxide 64%

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Product/Service: water treatmentand flame retardant Auminum hydroxide 64% 
Demand Quantity: 1000 Metri 
Price Requirement:   Inquiry
Size Requirement:
Package Requirement: 50kg/bag 1000kg/bag
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-05-22
Browse: 1246
Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description

1filler, water treatmentand flame retardant
350kg/bag or1000kg/bag
4industry grade
5sodium hydroxide






Annual production is some 100 million tonnes, over 90% of which is converted to aluminium oxide (alumina) which is used in the manufacture of aluminium metal.

Type:   AH-1


CAS:   21645-51-2


Product rating:  Aluminum hydroxide catalyst(industry grade) 64.5%


Appearance:   White crystalline powder


Origin:    China



application: Aluminum  hydroxide  mainly  uses  for  flame retardantswater treatment agent,  Also used in the production of aluminum sulfate and glass
Storage: Store in dry and ventilated storehouse.



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