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Sell Popular Fire fighting equipment Rubber Boots,Fire Safety Shoes

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Product/Service: Popular Fire fighting equipment Rubber Boots,Fire Safety Shoes  
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Last Update: 2012-08-15
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Fireman boots
*Rubber frame
*high quality

Specifications :

    Fireman firefighter protective boots to protect the foot and lower extremity safety, waterproof, puncture-resistant, anti-smashing, prevent chemical and electrical insulation properties.

At the same time with insulation, anti-acid-base, chemical drugs and other functions. Metal components, soles, toe protection against injury, pierce. Metal liner after corrosion test corrosion phenomenon, fire protective boots anti-smashing performance of hydrostatic pressure and impact are greater than or equal to 15mm, puncture resistance is greater than or equal to 1100N, boots surface by the cut resistance test after not being cut through.

Electrical insulation properties: breakdown voltage > 5000V,

leakage current < 3mA,

extinguishing the soles of the inner surface temperature from rising more than 22 degrees,

each pair of boots weight does not exceed 3kg, upper material for rubber for surface materials for rubber boots

 boots are made of rubber soles.



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