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Sell fireproofing saw dust door

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fireproofing saw dust door, it is made from straw,stone powder,Mgo etc....



 fireproofing saw dust door


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“Oriented structure ecological door”—high technology straw composite material, the surface adopts strengthening treatment, i t has advantages of wear resistant, compressive, anti-deformation and fading resistant. Core boards adopt filling composite material, generally the releasing of dissociative formaldehyde can reach Europe E1 standard which is approved by internationality, it is ecological and environmental protection; at the same time, the characteristics of sound and heat insulation, resisting external forces and dead weight of “oriented structure ecological door” have been improved greatly because of its unique structural features.


The demands of people’s environment and human habitat are improving constantly, if “oriented structure ecological door” can really reflect the effects of ecosystem house, it will be a revolutionary creation and subversive product in interior doors field, and it will have certain significances.

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