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Bannon's self-declared war is over

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2017-08-31   Browse:590
The war is over for former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. The political 
combatant has won major battles but lost his self-declared war. Being forced to hear the 
line "you're fired" and leave his last stronghold in Washington after his removal from 
the National Security Council in April, this advisor to the US president has been 
banished from the inner circle by the trend of history.
No doubt his startling phone conversation with Robert Kuttner, co-founder and co-editor 
of The American Prospect, was the final straw that helped sink this warmonger. He would 
not have expected his desperate reaching-out to one more like-minded supporter to create 
such a stir.
The US president himself may not have liked it because Bannon's confession that there is 
"no military solution" to the Korean Peninsula crisis compromised Donald Trump's verbal 
claim that the United States would release "fire and fury" against the Democratic 
People's Republic of Korea. Other presidential aides, both his allies and foes in the 
White House, may have distanced themselves from Bannon as well for his revelation of the 
day-by-day backdoor fighting often veiled by his spokespersons.
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