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Airbus approves Diab’s Divinycell F foam core

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The structural foam core Divinycell F from Diab International AB (Laholm, Sweden) has been approved by Airbus under AIMS 04-11-000 and ABS5927 standard. Divinycell is used in first and business class seats as well as lavatory interiors, galleys, luggage bins and window frames for the Airbus 350 XWB. Divinycell F is also used in many other aircrafts from Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

Featuring closed cells and minimum water absorption. Divinycell F eliminates the need for edge filling. Many panel designs even incorporate Divinycell F as an edge close-out material for honeycomb.

Divinycell F withstands high temperatures and exceeds all requirements for aircraft interiors when it comes to Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST). It also scores far below OSU Heat release requirements. Other benefits of a foam core are improved acoustical and thermal insulation properties. Divinycell F adapts to multiple production processes, such as hot and cold forming as well as compressing into different geometries.

“Divinycell F is probably the most tested foam core for aircraft interiors,” said Chris Kilbourn, market segment manager of global aerospace for Diab. “Diab Americas was granted a $4.4 million by the US Army to further develop this product. The development program included intensive testing according to 18 different test criteria, with both A and B basis sampling.”

Divinycell F is fully recyclable and can be combined with a thermoplastic skin made of the same polymer. Divinycell F is currently available in four densities: 40, 50, 90 and 130 kg/m3. It can be delivered in 1.6 to 51 mm thickness and standard lengths of 2440 and 2730 mm. Standard width is 610 mm with the possibility of larger sheets with bondlines.

Apart from the foam core supply, Diab supports customers with added value services such as CNC machining and thermoforming kits, ready to be used in its customers’ press or vacuum molding processes.

BSS 7238 for Smoke Density - Fire Test to Aircraft Material

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