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Recovery of PU application to auto industry remains slow

Zoom  Zoom Issue Date:2011-08-11   Source:PUWORLD   Browse:745

With widely PU application to automotive upholstery and exterior, urethane materials were increasingly favored by auto industry.


Stimulate packages have been successively cancelled this year, which resulted in slow growth in auto industry and PU field. But according to statistics announced by CAAM on 10th August, sales of passenger vehicle have been increasing stably in July compared with the same period of last year, total production and sales in July separately amounted to 1.3061 million and 1.2753 million, declined 6.96% and 11.19% on link-relative basis and rose by 1.26% and 2.18% on year basis.


We can see from the data that sales rose stably in July compared with the same period of last year, the auto industry is expected to step into rebound period, which will benefit PU field.


However, according to analysts of PUWORLD, under the circumstances of low growth rate and insufficient props, recovery of PU application to auto industry will remain slow and market trend depends on inflation control as well.

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