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ASTM D4986 Horizontal Burning of Cellular Polymeric Materials

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ASTM D4986 Horizontal Burning of Cellular Polymeric Materials – Standard

ASTM D4986 Standard Test Method for Horizontal Burning Characteristics of Cellular Polymeric Materials

ASTM D4986 Horizontal Burning of Cellular Polymeric Materials – Scope

This fire-test-response standard contains a test method for small-scale laboratory procedures to be used to determine the relative rate of burning and the extent and time of burning of horizontally oriented cellular polymeric materials having a density less than 250 kg/m3.

The results are intended to serve as a preliminary indication of their acceptability with respect to flammability for a particular application. The final acceptance of the material is dependent upon its use in the end-product that conforms with the standards applicable to such end-product.

The classification system described in the Appendix XI is intended for quality assurance and the preselection of component materials for products.

This standard measures and describes the response of materials, products, or assemblies to heat and flame under controlled conditions, but does not by itself incorporate all factors required for fire hazard or fire risk assessment of the materials, products, or assemblies under actual fire conditions.

ASTM D4986 Horizontal Burning of Cellular Polymeric Materials – Reference standards

ASTM D4483 Practice for Evaluating Precision for Test Method Standards in the Rubber and Carbon Black Manufacturing Industries
ASTM D5025 Specification for laboratory Burner Used for Small- Scale Burning Tests on Plastic Materials
ISO9772 Cellular Plastics—Determination of Horizontal Burning Characteristics of Small Specimens Subjected to a Small Flame

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