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UL2556 Wire and Cable Test Methods

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UL2556 Wire and Cable Test Methods – Standard
UL2556 Standard for safety Wire and Cable Test Methods

UL2556 Wire and Cable Test Methods – Scope
1.1 This standard describes the apparatus, test methods, and formulas to be used in carrying out the tests and calculations required by wire and cable standards.

1.2 Specific acceptance requirements are found in individual product standards.

1.3 Where a test method indicates a “specified" test parameter or condition, the parameter or condition is found in the individual product standard.

UL2556 Wire and Cable Test Methods – Reference standards

ASTM D470 Standard Test Methods for Crosslinked Insulations and Jackets for Wire and Cable
IEC 60695-11-3 Fire hazard testing - Part 11-3: Test flames - 500 W flames - Apparatus and confirmational test methods
CAS C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1

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