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IEC60092-353 Electrical installations in ships

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IEC60092-353 Electrical installations in ships - Standard

IEC 60092-353:2016 Electrical installations in ships-Part 353: Power cables for rated voltages 1kV and 3kV

IEC60092-353 Electrical installations in ships - Scope

Iec60092-353:2016 version is updated on the basis of iec60092-353:2011 version. The standard contents are summarized as follows::
Conventional cable:
1、Conductor resistance (IEC 60228,IEC 60092-350:2016 Section 350)
2、Voltage test
3、Voltage test on sheath
4、Insulation resistance test
5、Conductor examination
6、Thickness of insulation
7、Thickness of nonmetallic sheaths
8、External diameter
9、Hot set test
10、Coverage density of braid
11、Insulation resistance measurement at maximum rated temperature (IEC 60092-360)
12、Increase in AC capacitance after immersion in water
13、Mechanical properties of insulation before and after ageing  (IEC 60092-350 Section 8.4 IEC 60092-360)
14、Mechanical properties of sheath before and after ageing
15、Compatibility test( IEC 60092-360)
16、Loss of mass test
17、Behavior at high temperature
18、Behavior at low temperature
19、Test for coating of copper wires
20、Galvanizing test (IEC 60092-350 Section 8.12 ISO 7989-2 Section 5.3)
21、Resistance to cracking heat shock
22、Ozone resistance  ( IEC 60092-350 Section 8.14  IEC 60092-360)
23、Hot oil immersion
24、Fire-retardant test
25、Determination of hardness
26、Determination of modulus of elasticity
27、Durability of marking
28、Acid gas emission (IEC 60754-1)
29、pH and conductivity (IEC 60754-2)
30、Fluorine content test  (IEC 60684-2)
31、Smoke emission test  (IEC 60092-350 Section 8.17.3)
32、Test for fire resistance  (IEC 60092-350 Section 8.17.7)
33、Additional tests required for specific performances
34、Enhanced hot oil immersion
35、Drilling fluid tes
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