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BS 2782-1 Determination of extensibility

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BS 2782-1  Determination of extensibility –Standard

BS 2782-1 Methods of testing plastics – Part1:Thermal properties-Method 131B:Determination of extensibility after heat ageing of flexible polyvinyl chloride sheet

BS 2782-1  Determination of extensibility–Scope

This method determines a characteristic temperature at which cracks are produced in film or thin sheeting, as a guide to its low-temperature performance. The cold crack temperature should not be considered identical with the low-temperature limit for materials in actual service, since this is influenced by the conditions of service in each case.The maximum thickness depends on the stiffness of the material and the ability of the hammer to flatten the loop of material at the test temperature, but is about 1 mm for flexible sheeting.It is known that unsatisfactory results are sometimes obtained with thin polished plasticized PVC sheeting and PVC sheeting having a low plasticizer content.

BS 2782-1  Determination of extensibility -Relative Standard
BS 2782 Pt.2 Methods of testing plastics. Electrical properties. Antistatic behaviour of film. Electroscope method
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