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ISO TR5659-3 Smoke transmission test

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ISO TR5659-3 Plastic smoke transmission test–Standard

ISO/TR 5659-3 Plastics - Smoke generation - Part 3: Determination of optical density by a dynamic flow method

ISO TR5659-3 Plastic smoke transmission test–Scope

This part of ISO 5659 specifies a method of measuring smoke production from the exposed surface of specimens of essentially flat materials, composites or assemblies not exceeding 25 mm in thickness, when placed in a horizontal orientation and subjected to specified levels of thermal irradiance under forced ventilation conditions. with or without the application of a pilot flame. This method of test is applicable to plastics and may also be used for the evaluation of other materials (e.g. rubbers, textile coverings, painted surfaces, wood and other building materials). 

ISO TR5659-3 Plastic smoke transmission test–Reference Standard

ISO 5659-1:1996, Plastics-Smoke generation-Part 1: Guidance on optical-density testing.

ISO 5659-2:1994. Plastics -Smoke generation -Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test.

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