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EN 60695-11-20 500W Flame Test

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EN 60695-11-20 500W Flame Test Methods–Standard

EN 60695-11-20:Fire Hazard Testing - Part 11-20: Test Flames - 500 W Flame Test Methods

EN 60695-11-20 500W Flame Test Methods–Scope

This part of IEC 60695 describes a test method consisting of two small-scale laboratory test procedures which is intended to compare the burning behaviour of different materials used in electrotechnical products. Vertically oriented bar specimens or horizontally oriented plate test specimens are exposed to a small flame ignition source with a nominal thermal power of 500 W. The test method uses two test specimen configurations to classify material performance. Rectangular bar-shaped test specimens are used to assess ignitability and burning behaviour, and square plate test specimens are used to assess the resistance of the test specimen to burn-through, as defined in 8.3.3. This test method only applies to materials that have been classified as V-0 or V-1 according to IEC 60695-11-10.

EN 60695-11-20 500W Flame Test Methods–Relative Standard

IEC 60695-4:2012, Fire hazard testing-Part 4: Terminology concerning fire tests for electrotechnical products

IEC 60695-11-3, Fire hazard testing-Part 11-3: Test flames - 500 W flames -Apparatus and confirmational test methods

IEC 60695-11-10, Fire hazard testing-Part 11-10: Test flames - 50 W horizontal and vertica flame test methods
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