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ASTM C1409 Standard Guide for Measuring and Estimating Quantities of Insulated Piping and Components

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ASTM C1409测量和估算绝缘管及元件数量标准导则
ASTM C1409 Standard Guide for Measuring and Estimating Quantities of Insulated Piping and Components
ASTM C1409测量和估算绝缘管及元件数量标准导则
This guide establishes procedures to help parties involved in unit price piping insulation contracts reach agreement as to what components will be counted for pricing purposes.
1. Scope
1.1 This guide defines the components of an insulated piping system to be measured or counted to determine quantities and pricing for unit price contracts or extra work.
1.2 Pricing may be done through unit pricing for each item by pipe size, type of insulation system, insulation thickness, double or multilayer insulation, type of weatherproofing or jacketing, and pressure rating (if necessary) or through component (fitting) factor or multipliers.
1.2.1 Component (fitting) factors or multipliers, which are multipliers times the straight length of piping as shown in Table 1, determine relative prices for each component not within the scope of this guide. These factors or multipliers are to be determined by the insulating contractor relative to the given situation and insulation system specification.
1.2.2 It is suggested that only one type of pricing be used on a project.
1.2.3 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard.
Index Terms
extra work; factors; fittings; insulated pipe; measure quantities; piping components; unit prices; Double layer insulation; Fittings; Insulated pipe/equipment systems; Measurement processes/systems; Piping systems; Unit prices; Valves;
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