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  • Main Business:Our well-known BAOWOOL ceramic fiber products and other insulating products provide innovative heat management solutions and exceptional value to our customers in a wide range of markets: ceramic and glass plants, steel mills, oil refineries, chemica
  • (Manufacture , Trade , Service )  
  • Dongguan Zhongwei Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Plastic injection molding,mobile phone case,mobile phone accessories,mobile phone housing,electronic plastic enclosure,plastic painting,Silicon products,cell phone case
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Qingdao Taiyue Packaging Products Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:bubble film,swimming pool cover cloth,wine skin bubble bag,heat insulation material,bubble bag,foil bubble insulation,EPE with bubble film,anti-static bubble film,swimming pool cover,EPE foil insulation material,aluminum bubble film,woven foil insula
  • (Manufacture )  
  • Zhangjiagang Qians' Huilong Group Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Green construction and decorative materials,building materials,household cleaning products,electrical products,export trade business
  • (Manufacture , Trade , Service )  
  • Yingkou Renwei Minerals Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business: Our main products are sintered Magnesia-Alumina spinel,Magnesia dolomite sinter and various monolithic refractory
  • (Manufacture )  
  • Zi Bo GuanJia Trading Co., LTD
  • Main Business:Our main products are flame retardant Zinc Borate with 3.5 or 7 crystal waters and anhydrous, rubber and plastics insulation sheets and pipes with level 0, B1, B2.
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Products Purchasing & Supply Services
  • Main Business:we provide sourcing and supplying of industrial equipments and spares to many companies in South East Asia.
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Main Business:We offer various types of products including consumer electronics, toys & gifts, health & beauty products, and sports & entertainment items.
  • ( Trade )  
  • Main Business: The core business from its inception has been manufacturing of fiber glass fabrication and steel fabrication products and import of fiber glass raw martial from China, Taiwan
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Innov Protect
  • Main Business:SERVICES: Technical Support fire prevention for all products fire retardants, flame retardants & fire stopping 24 / 7.
  • ( Service )  
  • Stylex Carpet Industries P/L
  • Main Business:Designers, Importers and Agents for exquisite and practical flooring products, Stylex flooring grace some of the finest hospitality, corporate, aged care
  • ( Trade , Service )  
  • CCA Consorzio Ceramiche Artistiche
  • Main Business: an Italian company marketing diamond tools, discs, wheels and any products and spare parts for ceramic machineries
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Rural World Resources International
  • Main Business:GRP Pipe,Agriculture & Food, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy, Office Supplies, Computer Products, Electrical & Electronics
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Main Business:Our products include PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET, PA6, PA66, PPA, PBT, PET, PPS, PPO, LCP, PEEK, PEI, ABS, PP, POM, and all kinds of glass filled/mineral filled products of the above materials.
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Kaili Group Hk Ltd
  • Main Business:We are a professional manufacturer producing various garments, we have a wide range of product, especially, work jacket, work trousers, work coveralls, safety products, a series of PVC, PU waterproof garments, raincoat, knee pads, caps and bag, T-shi
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
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