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Capital: ~ Million
  • Zhejiang Caiyuan Reflecting Material Co.,Ltd
  • Main Business:The main products include reflective fabric,reflective heat-transfer film,reflective sheeting such as high intensity grade, engineering grade , commercial grade,vehicle retro-reflective sticker, reflective safety vest,reflective arm brand,light sheet
  • (Manufacturer , Trader )  
  • Sichuan Shifang Chuanhong Phosphorus Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Main Business:Our products are widely sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America, etc. We can supply you with high quality products with the best competitive price. Our main products include STPP, SHMP, MSP, DSP, TSP, MKP, DKP, MAP, DAP, APP, etc. Hop
  • (Manufacturer )  
  • Zhenjiang Great Honest Inc.
  • Main Business:The corporation specialized in Mechanical products, Agricultural machine, Trailers, Electric products, Chemical and Pharmaceutical products, Lights and Lamps, Bamboo-ware, Textiles and Fabrics, etc...
  • (Manufacturer )  
  • Shenzhen SYT Technology Co Ltd
  • Main Business:anti-static bag, EPE, plastic bags, bubble bags and other packaging products
  • (Manufacturer , Trader )  
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