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  • Zhengzhou Silver Pigeon Electric Wire And Cable Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:power cable,wire,control cable,prefabricated branch cable,computer cable,communication cable,rubber insulated cable,aerial cable,aluminum conductor,copper conductor,cable,aluminum rod,copper rod,rubber insulted wire,cable,acsr,AAC,AAAC,abc cable,weld
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Henan Huaxing Wires And Cables Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Aluminum rod and aluminum alloy rod, Round Concentric Overhead Conductor and Aluminium Alloy Overhead Conductor, 450/750 V PVC Insulation Electric Wire and Control Cable, 1-35KV XLPE Insulated Power Cable, ABC Overhead Insulated Cable
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • People's Cable Group Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Rubber Cable, Power Cable, Bare Conductor, Aerial Bundle cable, PVC Insulated Wire
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Henan Taiyang Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Cable,power cable,electric cable,wire,electric wire,PVC cable,XLPE cable,conductor,AAC,AAAC,ACSR,ACSR cable,copper wire,flat cable,electric wiring,enameled wire,welding cable,rubber cable,telephone cable,LAN cable
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Main Business:aluminium composite panels, aluminium conductors, aluminium wire rods, aluminium alloy wire rods, asbestos cement sheets, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, water tanks, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems
  • (Manufacturer )  
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