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GB 8624 Fire Test to Building material and products

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 CASfire Technical Co.,Ltd have rich experience to provide GB 8624 Building material Fire Testing.

GB 8624 Classification for burning behavior of building materials and products 

GB 8624 Fire Test to Building material and products - Standard Brief

The Classification for burning behavior rule of building material and interior material used in specific in China, evaluation of burning behavior for material, guidance of fire safety design, supervision of fire safety, the implementation of fire protection design played an important role, resulting in social and economic benefits. 

GB 8624 Fire Test to Building material and products - Products Classification

Construction excluding Flooring 
 Linear pipe thermal insulation products 
Fabric for Curtain, Upholstery fabric 
Wire duct, cable conduit and enclosures for electrical equipment
Cellular plastics for electrical equipment and furniture products
Upholstered furniture, Soft mattress and Hard furniture

 GB 8624 Fire Test to Building material and products - Reference Standard

GB/T 5464:Non-combustibility test method of building materials
GB/T 5907:Fundamental terminology of fire protection(mod ISO 13943)
GB/T 8626:Test method of flammability for building materials
GB/T 11785:Burning behaviour using a radiant heat source(idt ISO 9239-1)
GB/T 14402:Determination of the heat of combustion (neq ISO 1716)
GB/T 20285:Toxic classification of fire effluents hazard for materials
GB/T 20284:Single burning item test for building materials and products(SBI) 
EN 13238:Conditioning Procedures and General Rules for Selection of Substrates 

GB 8624 Fire Test to Building material and products – Similar standard

EN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building elements- 
BS 476: Fire tests on building materials and structures
GB 20286: Requirements and mark on burning behavior of fire retarding products 

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