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Sell Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing

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Product/Service: Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing  
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Address: China
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Last Update: 2014-06-10
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Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing
Kevlar Fiber Packing,
Aramid Fiber Packing
Used in piston pump

Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing

  • Material:

Style Aidmer76-020 Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing was made of PTFE yarns

and the reinforced Aramid corner of Aramid fiber. This structure, Enhances the lubricability of Aramid and reinforces the strength of the pure PTFE packing.

Style Aidmer76-020A is made of synthetic composite, Aramid corner and reinforces the strength. finished braiding packing. Aidmer76-020A was special processed This special combination packing uses in the sealing of high pressure piston pump.

  • Application areas:

Style Aidmer76-020 Kevlar/Aramid Fiber Corner PTFE Packing can be used in piston pumps, valves, pulp, paper, waste water treatment, petrochemical, and other general industrial applications.

  • Application media:

Style Aidmer76-020/76-020A  is suitable for oils, solvents, diluted acids and alkalies. abrasive media like sand, slurry, sewage, brine etc

  • Not suitable for :

concentrated acids and lyes, alkali metals, fluorine and fluorine compounds at high temperatures, oxygen.

  • Application Data:












pH Range

2 - 12

Temp. °C

-17 to +260

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