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Sell Meta-aramid (Dyed)Staple Fiber

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Product/Service: Meta-aramid (Dyed)Staple Fiber  
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Address: China
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Last Update: 2014-06-10
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Meta-aramid Main Characteristics:Heat Resistance,Flame Resistance,Electrical Insulation,Chemical Stability and so on.

Meta-aramid is an aromatic polyamide fiber,the full name being polyisophthaloy metaphenlene dimide fiber.It is known as PMIA in short.

The main materials are IPC and MPD.

Meta-aramid is one of the fastest growing high-tech organic fibers,which exhibits outstanding properties

of thermal stability,flame resistance,electrical insulation,chemical stability and radiation resistance.It is

widely used in aerospace,high-speed trains,fireghter apparels,traning uniform,work wear,environmental

protection,industrial high-temperature materials,automobile hoses,senior sound dapers,electrical insulation

and other important areas.

Our meta –aramid from 0.8d to 13d are available in raw white,solution dyed and easier dyeable in varieties

of filament, tow, short-cut and staple for many different applications.

Meta-aramid Main Characteristics

1)Heat Resistance

Our mata-aramid has long-lasting thermal stability. It can be used for long hours at the high temperature of

204°C and maintains excellent dimensional stability.It will not embrittle,soften or melt when it is exposed

temporarily to hightemperature of 300°C .

2): Flame Resistance

Our meta-aramid is inherently flame resistant. It does not self burn or melt in the room air, no combustion

supporting, and has the property of self- extinguishing. It starts to get carbonized at 400°C .

3): Electrical Insulation

Our meta-aramid fiber has very good electrical insulation property. The dielectric strength of meta-aramid

paper is up to 20kv/mm.

4): Chemical Stability

Our meta-aramid fiber has a very stable chemical structure. It is resistant to most strong inorganic acid and to alkalis at room temperature.

5): Radiation Resistance

Our meta-aramid fiber shows good resistance to α,β and ultraviolet radiation.

6): Mechanical properties

The low-rigidity and high elongation of Our meta-aramid makes it available for processing by conventional textile machinery. Staple fiber can be processed into a variety of fabrics and non-wovens.

7): Our meta-aramid is widely used in such areas as high temperature dust filtration, heat-resistant work wear, firefighter clothing.police uniforms, automotive hoses , flame-resistant textiles, electrical insulation,special structural materials, and so on. It occupies 60% of the domestic market share, contributing greatly to the society for reserving natural resources, keeping environmental friendly and economic growth sustainable.

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