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Product/Service: industry ceramic strip  
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Last Update: 2014-05-22
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alumina ceramic heater
Material: 96% Al2O3
method of moulding :thermal casting/dring press /extrusion

alumina ceramic heater
Material:  96% Al2O3
method of moulding :thermal casting/dring press /extrusion

 products are mainly ceramic pump, ceramic plunger piston, ceramic valve and ceramic cutting tool of high degree of accuracy of Alumina, SiliconNitrideFilm and Zirconia and so on.

Xingtai's ceramic are mainly used in medicine, machinery, electron, oil, chemical engineering, metallurgy and spinning. At the same time we can supply ultrprecision machining for materials for processing according to customers demand.

Our products with high technology, competitive price, stable quality, credible delivery time we are a reliable cooperator.

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