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Sell Round Curved Banquet canteen Chair

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Product/Service: Round Curved Banquet canteen Chair  
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Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-06-05
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Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description

1.smooth round curved back seat
2.fireproof colth
3.leg wih bumper
4.R&D acceptable

 prodict details:

1.Chair frame: 25 x 25 * 1.0 /1.5/1.8mm,high quality and is very hard,

2.toughening  iron pipe
3.The hotelspecial fabrics chair

4.High density PU finalize  design sponge at seat

5.Surface treatment: spray paint surface material

6.Paws :By P.P injection system

7.Pattern andcolor can be select by the customer

8.Pipe after pipe bender curved
9.Under a board all equipped with screw claw hammer

You can :

1) Change the fabric color or change fabric to other meterials

2) Change the frame's color,  shape and size

3) add 2 armrests or remove them

4) get well matched covers

 Quality control:

1) Before production, we confirm all the material sample.

2) We strictly purchase the high quality material.

3) Our workers are well trained and responsible to manufacture each part of the prodcuts.

4) We have administrator to check and test our prodcuts before shipment.

5) We try our best to solve the problem when occure to customers.

Remark:(1)the above-mentioned parameters are subject to actual data

             (2)we can change some of the paraments according to the clients request

Servie promise

TOP products have an excellent reputation for high quality.In the case of the rational use,TOP products all have excellent durability. In order to make our customers get the best of the consumer rights protection,TOP provides you with the most comprehensive high-quality and efficient after-sales service.Now promises of TOP are as following:

Free for Warranty terms:

1.The welding and the internal structure of all TOP products both have one year guarantee period.

2.If there is something wrong with the quality of TOP products within two years,we will repair it within five or seven days after we get back the products.

Non-application range of the above terms:

1.products are broken because of irresistible reason

2.Non-normal use and Man-made damage

Checking terms :

Factory delivery and loading container after checking the goods is no problem.If products are damaged during Long-distance transportation,the responsibility is the transportation side.buyers must check that if there is wear at the scene . As a result of user to make products damage by improper,buyer must pay for the mending charge or the cost of producing a new one.ALL the charge must be paid by customer.

Hope our products meet your request and also hope our work helps your development.

***The above information is for reference only,if have more information please contact us! tks


Contact Details:

Ms. Amandar Shen(Export Manager)

Mobile: +86-138 2542 6395

Tel./Fax: +86 757-86904087

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