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FR China carpet tile manufacturer, China commercial carpet tile, China modular carpet squares

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Product/Service: FR China carpet tile manufacturer, China commercial carpet tile, modular carpet 
Demand Quantity: 300000 m2 
Price Requirement: 5-16 USD  Inquiry
Size Requirement: Custom Design, Color
Package Requirement: Cartons
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2021-05-18
Browse: 2540
Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description

FM: Michael Zhang,


Tel: +86-631-5319651,

We own three carpet factories in China, Which Customize, OEM, ODM Carpets: Axminster Carpet, Hand Tufted Carpet & Rug, Carpet Tile (Modular Carpet), Machine Tufted Carpet, Wilton Carpet, Printed Carpet.

We customize carpets and rugs according to your Designs, Colors or Carpet samples, We also have our own designs and designers.

We are awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, CRI Green Plus, IMO, DNV Maritime Carpet Certificates, All of our carpets have passed the tests of USA, EC standards for Hotel, Casino, Home, Office and Maritime carpets of ship, cruise, vessel.

Carpet bidding are keen competitive, Chinese labor are cheaper, Our carpets are good and cheap enough to win in keen competition, With our carpets you can get much more orders and profits than before.

We are expecting to become your carpet production base, Just like that you have a carpet factory in China, We are responsible for good quality, keen competitive price, delivery on time, good service and all of the other things, You can concentrate on marketing, This cooperation way has been proved successful, fruitful and high efficiency by the other Carpet Entrepreneurs, Contractors, Dealers.

Every Process have inspector to control the quality, Only after inspected and qualified, The Process can be conveyed to the next Process, We have kept the Trace Record of Every carpet and Process in the archives including the Operator and Inspector’s names.

Our Advanced Machines, Selected fine raw materials, Specialized engineers and technicians, Skilled workers with 23 years experience, Chinese cheaper labor, These guarantee our carpets and rugs more competitive with fine quality and lower price in both international and domestic markets, and successful in bidding projects.

Video for Carpet Workshop Machines & Equipments, Certificates of David Industrial Group:

David Industrial Group Limited,

Customize Carpets & Rugs Manufacturer.

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