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optical LiTaO3 crystal lens

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Product/Service: LiTaO3 lens 
Demand Quantity: 100000 
Price Requirement: 0.10  Inquiry
Size Requirement: as request
Package Requirement: as request
Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2019-12-26
Browse: 1335
Basic Info of Company
Detailed Description
 LiTaO3 crystal lens is also widely used E-O crystal.
Main properities of LiTaO3 lens include:
E-O Coefficient:r33=30.4
Refractive Indices:no=2.716,ne=2.180 at 633nm
1) Diameter:76.2mm,50mm
2) Orientation:X,Z,36°Y,112X
3) Polish:both siades or single side 10/5 S/D
4) TTV<10 Um
5) Bow:<20 Um
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