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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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Product/Service: Ceramic Fiber Blanket 
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Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2014-08-23
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Ceramic Fiber Blanket is well distributed interwoven construction offers superior erosion resistance and pliability.  The Blankets are available in a wide variety of roll thicknesses, widths, lengths and densities. They are easily die-cut to different shapes for your application.

Temperature Classifications: 1260°C, 1420°C, 1600°C

Product Size Available(mm): 7200×(600,610)×(6,12.5,20,25)


Low thermal conductivity
Low heat storage
Excellent thermal shock resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance

High tensile strength

Good sound absorption

Furnace and kiln door and wall insulations  

Acoustic insulation                       
Fire proofing and heat insulation of buildings.
Line insulation in high temperature reactive equipment.
Thermal insulation of electric and gas fired boilers
Filtration of molten materials

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