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Sell fire-retardant aluminum foil bubble insulation material
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1) Odourless, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
2) Light and easy to install
3) Moisture-proof, waterproof and good sealing property
4) Light reflection, heat insulation, fire-retardant, sound insulation, anti-radiation, shockproof, heat preservation and energy saving
1) Roof, wall and floor
2) Shell of air-condition, water heater, high temperature furnace
3) Protective coating of water pipe and ventilating pipe
4) Outdoors tent

We combine aluminum foil with bubble sheet made from LDPE, and it can be fire-retardant. The outer aluminum foil can reflect light and heat, while the inner PE has abilities in isolation and insulation. The product can provide functions of anti-radiation, heat preservation and energy conservation. When stalled in roof, wall and floor, it can keep over 80 percent of energy out of the building, which can protect the wall. The product can also greatly reduce the harm caused by great change of temperature.