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Yangzhou Chengsen Plastics Co.,Ltd

specilizing in the production of widely used plastic sheet(ABS sheet, HIPS sheet, PP sheet, PVC sheet, PE sheet and functional composite sheet). Our products are widely used for Automobile internal decorative panel

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扬州成森塑料制品有限公司 位于中国江苏省,专业生产广泛使用的塑料片材(ABS片材,HIPS片材,PP片材,PVC片材,PE片材和功能性复合片材)。产品广泛用于汽车内饰板,电器面板,广告,电机,车内,箱包,家具,橱柜,卫生洁具,建筑业(门,温室),厨具等。
2. Quality guarantee: There is a perfect quality assurance system to ensure the products meet customer's requirements.
3. Multi service: We are capable to develop our own products with proper workmanship and so as to produce the products with customized according to provided samples or molds.
4. certification show
We shall always be very pleased to enter into business relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.Customized PP Sanding Sheet
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