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Jinsor-Tech Industrial Corporation

Carbon fiber fabric,ballistic fiber fabric,pla fiber fabric,vectran fiber fabric,thermoplastic composite sheet,texalium fiberglass,ceramic fialment fabric,carbon cloth,kevlar fiber fabric,kevlar felt,nomex felt,fire proof felt,cut proof fabric,PAV ca

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Company Brief
Jinsor -Tech Industrial Corporation was founded in 1998. We are a high-tech fiber fabric manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan Area, following the market trends to develop various advanced fiber fabrics for our worldwide customers. Our products are widely applied to composite industry, protection industry, construction industry, heat insulation industry, environmental protection industry and decoration industry.

1. Special felt fabric and products:
Kevlar felt fabric, Nomex felt fabric, PAN-Oxide felt fabric, Ryton felt fabric, P84 felt fabric, Kevlar braided ropes, PTFE braided packing, Graphite braided packing, Ceramic and silica fiber fabric, Fire proof fabric and Cutting proof fabric

2. Biodegradable products:
PLA woven fabric, PLA knitted fabric, PLA needle punch felts and PLA melt blown felts

3. Special woven fabric and composite products:
Carbon fiber fabric, Aluminum coated fiberglass fabric, Special fiber and carbon hybrid fabric, carbon UD fabric, Vectran fiber fabric,... [Detail]
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