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Haixier (Xiamen) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Gum Rosin,Glycerol Rosin Ester,Pentaerythritol Rosin Ester,Maleic Modified Rosin Resin,Reactive Alkyl Phenolic Resin,Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin,Maleic Anhydride,Pentaerythritol,Sodium Hydroxide,Ester Gum

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Company Brief
Haixier (Xiamen) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is an office of Fujian Ninghua Lifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, with a primary focus on the production of deep processing forestry chemical products. As one of the leading suppliers of chemical products in southern China, our production standards are relatively high as we not only put the quality of our products into consideration, but also the state of our environment.

Throughout our history, the fundamental beliefs that make us who we are have not wavered. Our steadfast commitment to continuous improvement has produced excellent safety, reliability, quality and customer satisfaction results. At Haixier Chemical, we believe in managing our business well, operating safely and efficiently and returning value to our stakeholders.

We specialize in the supply rosins and resins industrial chemicals manufacture in China. We supply large quantities of consistent high quality products designed to meet the varied needs of our clients, combined ... [Detail]
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