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Shenzhen Kebai Industrial And Trade Limited

Rock wool board/batt/blanket/panel/felt/pipe

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Company Brief

fire-proof, moisture-proof,sound insulation material

Rock wool board/batt/blanket/panel/felt/pipe

      Rock wool products are manufactured with basalt as main ingedient, made into inorganic fibe in high speed centrifugal machine after melting. A certain  amount of cmenting agent, rustproof oil, silicon oil is added into the raw material which is made into rock wool board, rock wool pipe/blanket/batt.


    Widely used for construction walls,roofs,industrial furnaces,ovens,heat-treating,equipment,storage tanks,storage grooves,power houses, flues,petrifaction and oil refining equipment and all kinda of keeping-warm and heat insulation pipelines.

Main specific range:

Item Length Width /ID Thickness Density
Rock wool slab(board) 1200mm/1000mmm 600mm/630mmm 50-100mm 50-70kg/m3
1200mm/1000mmm 600mm/630mmm 50-100mm 70-80kg/m3
1200mm/1000mmm 600mm/630mmm 50-100mm 80-100kg/m3
Rock wool pipe 1000mm 22-710mm 25-200mm 120kg/m3
1000mm 22-710mm 25-200mm 100-150kg/m3

specification products and packing can be made to customers.


1. good thermal preservation and excellent fire-proof property

2. stable chemical protperty

3. good  sound absorption and moisture-proof

Company Profile
Company Name´╝Ü Shenzhen Kebai Industrial And Trade Limited Company Type´╝Ü Corporation (Manufacture , Trade , Service )
Location´╝Ü China Company Size´╝Ü 501~1000
Capital´╝Ü 0 Million USD Establish´╝Ü 2001
Business Type´╝Ü Manufacture , Trade , Service
Business Scope´╝Ü Rock wool board/batt/blanket/panel/felt/pipe
Fireproof Board & Sheet / Rock Wool Board
Company Address´╝Ü No. 14A1(Office), Building 1, Dongjianghaoyuan, Longjing Road, Xin'an Street Office, 3rd Area
Zip Code´╝Ü 518101
Telephone´╝Ü 86-755-27788391
Fax´╝Ü 86-755-27789621
Company Website´╝Ü
Cotact´╝Ü JINSHAN GUO ´╝łMr.´╝ë
Mobile´╝Ü 13005430011
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Last Login´╝Ü 2011-12-29 12:17