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Beijing STONE Technology Co., Ltd

audio output device download STeWin7000

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Company Brief
 Beijing STONE Technology Co., Ltd is a major company 
with cutting-edge technology mainly focuses on TFT 
LCD Module and Industrial PC  researching, 
manufacturing and sales. It locates in the Central
Business District area of Beijing in China.
With the effort of several years' devotion, we 
have been following the philosophy of "Professional,
Reliable, Experienced", and achieving doubled
increase in annual average sales, that make the 
company see the invisible chances, feel the intangible 
opportunities and achieve unimaginable success. 
Especially in reliability-emphasized industry fields,
which include engineering machinery, medical 
instruments as well as high-level civilian goods.
Our TFT LCD Module is succeed tremendously due
to its quality, services and price domination.
Plus the superiority of simplified Micro-MCU
programming and UART interface, we have been
an eminent competitor in the world market. [Detail]
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