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NFPA 251 Fire resistance of building construction

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NFPA 251 Fire resistance of building construction- Standard
NFPA 251 Standard methods of tests of fire resistance of building construction and materials. 

NFPA 251Fire resistance of building construction -Scope
This standard provides methods of fire tests for the fire-resistive properties of building members and assemblies, This standard describes methods to evaluate the dura tion for which the types of assemblies noted in 1.3.1 contain a fire, retain their structural integrity, or exhibit both proper ties, depending on the type of assembly involved during a pre-determined test exposure. It is the intention of this standard that fire resistance ratings be based on performance during the period of expo sure and not be used to determine suitability for use after fire exposure The results of these tests are one factor in assessing fire performance of building construction and assemblies.

NFPA 251 Fire resistance of building construction - Relative Standard
ASTM E119 Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
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