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UL 9 Standard for safety Fire Tests of Window Assemblies

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UL 9 Standard for safety Fire Tests of Window Assemblies – Standard
UL 9:Standard for safety Fire Tests of Window Assemblies

UL 9 Standard for safety Fire Tests of Window Assemblies – Scope

1. These methods of fire tests are applicable to window assemblies, including glass block and other light transmitting assemblies, for use in the protection of openings in vertical fire resistive assemblies.

2. Assemblies classified in accordance with this standard provide only limited protection from the transmission of heat. This standard provides guidance to measure the heat flux emitted through the test specimen during the fire exposure and temperatures on the unexposed surface.

3. Tests made in conformity with these test methods shall not be construed as determining suitability of window assemblies for continued use after fire exposure.

4. These methods are intended to evaluate the ability of a window or other light transmitting assembly to remain in an opening during a predetermined test exposure.

5. The tests expose a specimen to a standard fire exposure controlled to achieve specified temperatures throughout a specified time period, followed by the application of a specified standard fire hose stream. The exposure, however, may not be representative of all fire exposure conditions, which may vary with changes in the amount, nature, and distribution of fire loading; ventilation; compartment size and configuration; and heat sink characteristics of the compartment. It does, however, provide a relative measure of fire performance of window assemblies under these specified exposure conditions.

6. This standard defines two pressure conditions for the control of the furnace during the fire exposure. One pressure condition is identified as a positive pressure condition and one is identified as a neutral pressure condition.

7. Any variation from the construction or conditions that are tested may substantially change the performance characteristics of the assembly.

These methods permit loss of glass lights and through openings, provided such loss and openings do not exceed specified limits.
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