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AS 1905.1 Fire-resistant doorsets

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AS 1905.1 Fire-resistant doorsets – Standard 
AS 1905.1:Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls-Part 1: Fire-resistant doorsets.

AS 1905.1 Fire-resistant doorsets – Scope
This Standard specifies requirements for the construction and installation of fire-resistant
doorsets used to protect openings in walls and partitions that are required to resist the passage of fire. It also applies to transom panels over doors, where the panels are contained within the doorframe and form part of the doorset.

This Standard does not apply to lift-landing doors.


1 Where it is intended to install the fire-resistant doorset in high-traffic areas,it is recommended that it be tested in accordance with Appendix A prior to fire testing and that it complies with the requirements set out therein.

2 Durability designations for locksets and methods for their cycle testing, for minimal, moderate and high frequency usage, are given in AS 4145.2.

3 Manufacturers of fire-resistant doorsets are strongly encouraged to implement quality control systems in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001.Guidance on the introduction and maintenance of suitable quality systems given in AS/NZS ISO 9000 and AS/NZS ISO 9004.

4 Guidance on information that should be supplied with an enquiry or order is given in Appendix B.

5 Requirements governing lift- landing doors are given in AS 1735.11.

6 A panel above a doorset, which is not contained within the doorframe, is considered as being part of the wall and is therefore subject to the structural adequacy, integrity and insulation requirements set out in the Building Code of 'Australia (BCA).

7 A transom or mullion within a doorframe may be permanently fixed to the side members of the frame or may be removable by means of mechanical fixing.

8 A smoke control system (or other external environmental conditions) can impose loads greater than 5 N on the strike. In such circumstances, a substantially greater resistance force may be required of the strike to ensure the door remains in the latched position during a fire emergency.

9 This Standard does not include the evaluation of smoke leakage under ambient and medium temperature exposures. Other Standards such as AS/NZS 1530.7 may be used for evaluating the potential for smoke spread.
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