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NF P92-504 Fire Test to Building Material - Speed Of Spread of Flame Test

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 & Ecosafene Products Service Co.,Ltd have rich experience to provide French Standard NF P92-504 fire test to Building Material


NF P92-504 Fire test to Building materials - Standard 

NF P 92-504: speed of spread of flame test used for the materials which are not intended to be glued on a rigid substrate


NF P92-504 Fire test to Building materials - Standard Brief 


 NF P 92-504 for the determination of horizontal flame spread rate of materials. This method also applies in other rapidly melting and testing without burning, or not achieve M1 ~ M3 material. 


If for NF P 92-501 and NF P 92-503 testing, if the material does not burn, or just burning time is less than or equal to 5 seconds, but the emergence hole, you need the trial material to its fire resistance test classification. The fire resistance test process, the flame does not last more than two seconds, and no burning drops melt down situation. 


NF P92-504 Fire test to Building materials- Test Method 


NF P 92-504 testing requirements: the sample is placed horizontally (ie, the level of short side of the long side vertical and horizontal), counting from the free end, respectively, 50mm and 300mm in the office to tag, test, put the flame with a gas burner at the free end. If the test sample is then put out the fire burning time from the free end 10 times, each 5S; If the test sample flame spread rate of fire is the length of time imposed for the 30S, Determination of flame propagation of the two marker lines the time between t, according to the formula V = 250 / t calculated flame propagation rate, and thus on the material classification.



NF P92-504 Fire test to Building materials- Sample Size


Rigid Material 460 mm x 230mm x Thickness

Flexible Materials70mm x 70mm x Thickness


NF P 92-501 Fire test to building material (M Rating)– Similar Standard


Fire Test to Building Material according to French Standard – M Rating (M0,M1,M2,M3,M4)

NF P 92-510: Determination of upper calorific potential

NF P 92-501: Safety against fire: Building materials – Reaction to fire tests. used for rigid

material or flexible materials thicker than 5mm

NF P 92-503: Safety against fire - Building materials -Reaction to fire tests - Electrical burner

test used for flexible materials

NF P 92-504: Safety against fire - Building materials - Reaction to fire tests - Flame persistence

test and speed of the spread of flame.

NF P 92-505: Safety against fire - Building materials - Reaction to fire tests - Test used for

thermal melting materials - Dripping test.

NF P 92-506: Safety against fire - Building Material - Flooring

NF P92-507: Fire safety - Building - Interior fitting materials - Classification according to their

reaction to fire


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