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2011 17th International Plastics Industry Exhibition in Mexico

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Date from 2011-10-04 to 2011-10-07
City Mexico
Address Mexico City, Centro Banamex
Exhibition Hall Mexico City, Centro Banamex

Show Description

- Egyptian International Plastic Industry Exhibition was founded in 1993 by the Africa - Middle East's largest exhibition organizer ACG-ITF Corporation, and by the local plastic industry associations support, is among the highest in the MENA region's plastics industry exhibition event.

- in net exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, from around 35 countries and regions to more than 400 exhibitors will display their latest products and technological achievements, in addition to local enterprises, including China, Germany, Italy , China Taiwan's top exhibitors in the size column, Turkey, Australia, France, Greece, Korea, India, Korea, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Switzerland, Jordan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries and regions have organized groups.

According to site statistics show that 82% of exhibitors expressed great satisfaction on the display the results, 16% were satisfied, only 2 percent said they were somewhat satisfied; 30% of the exhibitors on-site registration at the next show, 70 percent of the exhibitors expressed their willingness to continue participate.
The event attracted participants from Egypt and neighboring countries, more than 20,000 professional visitors, of which up to 17,400 names of local viewers, both said the show was a successful event.

Market Introduction

Mexico is located in the southernmost tip of North America, three North American Free Trade Area (U.S., Canada, Mexico), one between the zero-tariff policy for Mexico's development has laid a good foundation.

Mainly in the production of plastic packaging based in North America, sales of its plastic packaging products around $ 43 billion, the world's total market share of 33 percent plastic, and in Mexico City for many years the average growth rate close to 10%.
Mexico's production of 4.17 million tons of plastic. Rigid plastic packaging in the 1999-2003 average annual growth between 13 percent to 18.2 billion pesos, imported 1.84 million tons, up to 184 billion pesos. The overall amount of plastic packaging in 2002, Mexico accounted for about the use of all plastics 45%.

Kingdom, Mexico and almost all of plastic machinery molds are dependent on imports, widely used plastic products, plastic raw materials and imports of the product ranks seventh in the world.
Mexico's plastics industry chain is the most important chemical industry field, the country only a few resin manufacturers and major equipment manufacturers, but the plastic manufacturers are more than 4,400 homes, can process 5 million tons of plastic products each year.In the next few years is expected to grow 9-10% annually. Its about 43% of plastic products for the manufacture of bottles or packaging purposes, and other products are used extensively for packaging, construction, furniture, toys, and agriculture.

In addition, U.S. production of plastics has been the first for the country, also in the forefront of plastic products. Only Texas and California and the United States on the world's second largest. As Mexico's low cost advantage, the two states moved a lot of plastics processing companies in Mexico, which Mexico's plastics industry has played a role in fueling growth.  At the same time, Mexico's plastic structure has undergone great changes accordingly, increasing value-added products, the demand for equipment has changed. 
 Which the majority of small devices, all-electric injection molding machine to dominant, intelligent, programmed, automated, high-speed models more popular for medical, consumer products and special equipment for silicon materials sell well.

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