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2011China Beijing International Plastic & rubber product Exhibition

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Date from 2011-11-09 to 2011-11-11
City Beijing
Address Beijing • National Convention Center
Exhibition Hall Beijing • National Convention Center

 〓 Exhibition Overview:

With the continued rapid development of China's national economy has gradually grown in strength since the 1990s, the plastics industry has remained at over 10% growth rate, has become the light of the pillar industries.
National statistics show that in 2010 industrial output value of plastic products, sales value, total assets, number of employees, export delivery value of major economic indicators, representing the proportion of light industry exceeded 20% of the total industrial output value of nearly trillion yuan, 45 Chinese light industry, the largest among the 19 key industry sectors.

At present, China's annual consumption of more than 4,000 tons of plastic, rubber, 380 million tons, has become the world's largest rubber consumer products markets.
Plastics production and consumption of plastic resins were ranked the world's second and third, the second highest in the world rubber consumption, tire production ranks third in the world.

As China's automotive, electronics, communications technology, home appliances, packaging, medical equipment industry is developing rapidly, plastics and rubber materials in these areas has been more widely used, while plastics and rubber materials and processing technology, processes, equipment, changing , but also for plastics and rubber industry with the broader market.

China (Beijing) International Exhibition of rubber plastic products:

Based in China - Beijing, the capital, global radiation, by the China Light Industry Federation and the Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Hung Hua Boguo jointly organized by China's only international, specialized rubber and plastic products exhibition.
Services in the global rubber plastic products manufacturing, will become the world's rubber and plastic products in China and an important market to help push the device;

〓 audience organization plans to:

1, Hung Hua Boguo with huge amounts of data accumulated over the years, by phone, mail, fax, letter, etc., the organization invited to the global aerospace industry, automotive manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, consumer electronics manufacturing industry, plastic materials manufacturing, printing single outer packaging industry and other related to visit, negotiate, purchase.

2, invited industry-related associations, societies, trade associations and other social organizations, by letter, issued a document, inform the relevant member to visit, negotiate, purchase, exchange.

3, printing tickets invitations together ten million related to arrange teams to show the world's major industrial parks and related professionals, send this exhibition tickets, an invitation to visitors.

〓 exhibition meaning:

The transaction as the core, show, forum for the assistance, through the "product, technology, property rights," the three transactions, the formation of professional exhibitors and professional visitors gathered, industry products together, gathering high-tech achievements, the strong effect of market information gathered, strive to build China rubber and plastic products manufacturing industry's most influential international brand development, and in China, Asia Pacific as well as rubber and plastic products manufacturing industries latest products and technology showcase and trading platform.

▼ raw rubber reinforcing materials, thermoplastic elastomers, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber and carbon black, etc.;

▼ vulcanizing agent of rubber additives, softeners, antioxidants, plasticizers, light stabilizers, preservatives, fillers, coupling agents, impact agents, stripping machine, flame retardants, etc.;

▼ common plastics, engineering plastics, specialty plastics, special plastics and other plastic products, semi-manufactures;

▼ aerospace industry plastic, rubber and plastic automotive parts, etc.;

▼ rubber tires, tape, hose, sealing products, all kinds of belts, etc.;

▼ chemicals and raw materials, auxiliary materials, additives, fillers, additives, pigments and colorants, resins, etc.;

▼ plastic packaging materials, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials, green packaging materials, adhesive tape, etc.

▼ detection, measurement, control and other specialized equipment;

▼ blow molding, injection molding, tooling, welding, etc.;

▼ beauty, electronics, appliances, medical and other industrial, civil and plastic parts;

〓 Participation Fee: (Note: double entrance booths, plus 10%) 

Area A (standard booth): Domestic enterprises: RMB13800 yuan / 9 m2 foreign: USD3300 per / 9 m2

Area B (standard booth): RMB 11800 元 / 9 m2 C area (standard booth): RMB 9800 元 / 9 m2

Indoor (36m2 minimum): Domestic enterprises: RMB 1300 yuan / m2 foreign: USD 330 yuan / m2

Directory Advertising: Cover 20,000 / version of the back cover of 18,000 yuan / version of the inside front cover, back cover, title page of 10,000 yuan / page color inside 5,000 / version

〓 invited to co-sponsor:

The General Assembly invites outstanding enterprises co-title sponsor to join together to create a brand strategy.
Set 500,000, 300,000, 200,000 grade three co-sponsors, the organizers to provide full information solutions (co-sponsor the program available on request).

〓 year Forum: seminars, matching fair, buyers briefings, product launches, etc.; 

〓 Participation Procedures:

1, fill out the "Exhibitor Application and Contract" form with official seal by fax or by mail to the Organizing Committee;

2, after application exhibitors in seven working days to be paid 50% of the participation fee deposit, or the Organizing Committee have the right to adjust or cancel it the booth, the balance should be September 11, 2011 payment;

3, without the consent of the Organizing Committee, exhibitors unilaterally cancel the exhibition program, the paid participation fee is not refundable;

4, without the consent of the Organizing Committee has been set may not be transferred exhibitors booths, or the Organizing Committee the right to cancel their participation status;

★ Note: To ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee is entitled to retain or change the part of the exhibitor booths power.

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