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Fourth CIAME international auto painting equipment and technology exhibition

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Date from 2011-10-10 to 2011-10-15
City Beijing
Address National Exhibition Centre, Beijing
Exhibition Hall National Exhibition Centre, Beijing
Sponsor East International Exhibition Co., Ltd. are


1, coating equipment, technology: air spraying, brushing, electrostatic coating, air-assisted airless spray, high-pressure airless spraying, powder coating, dipping, electrophoretic coating, paint rooms and other technology and equipment;

2 coating lines: pre-treatment equipment, powder coating systems, spray equipment, ovens, heat system, electric control system, suspension conveyor and so on.

3, the car body surface treatment: cleaning, rust, paint, repair and oil removal technology and equipment;

4, auto parts surface treatment and coating technology;

5 painting construction equipment, security technology;

6 coating prevention equipment;

7 anti-corrosion materials technology equipment;

8 car paint, primer and surface paint and other new products, new technologies

About Exhibition

〓 Exhibition Overview:

CIAME not repairer; CIAME let the car made better!

CIAME founded in 2006, based on China - Beijing, the capital, global radiation, the China International Trade Promotion Committee - approval of China's exhibition industry unit in charge of China's only international, specialized automotive industry Expo.
And Beijing, Shanghai International Auto Show complement each other, sharing of resources. CIAME in the rapid development of China's automobile industry, driven by the market after four years of sharpening has become the world's largest automotive market before the event. CIAME services in the global automotive industry, China and the world has become a major force behind the development of the automotive market to help device;

〓 exhibition meaning:

CIAME the transaction as the core, show, forum for the assistance, through the "product, technology, property rights," the three transactions, the formation of professional exhibitors and professional visitors gathered, industry products together, gathering high-tech achievements, the strong effect of market information gathered, to do China's auto industry into the most influential international brand development, and in China, Asia Pacific and global automotive industry's latest products and technology showcase and trading platform.

〓 superior resources: CIAME co-operation with China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and the world automotive industry associations, machinery manufacturing industry associations to establish close contact with the support of the authorities to form a multi-multi-channel, multi-faceted, high-level exchange platform.
  As of end of December 2009 statistics show that more than 160 vehicle manufacturers worldwide and more than 3,000 parts manufacturers have established long-term with CIAME links to information, sharing of resources, product sourcing docking.

〓 No. of Exhibitors: more than 30 countries and regions more than 600 exhibitors

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