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2011 China Beijing International Building fire retardant (Product) Exhibition

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Date from 2011-09-14 to 2011-09-17
City Beijing
Address National Convention Center Beijing
Exhibition Hall National Convention Center
Organizer Ministry of Construction, China State Construction Engineering Standards Association
Sponsor Beijing Bo Hai Ming Hui Exhibition Co., Ltd


Construction is one of the five pillar industries of China's national economy, the development process in recent years, due to the quality and appearance of buildings within the continually increasing demands, the decoration of the proportion of the total cost of construction rising in the high-end construction construction, decoration accounted for 40% of project cost.
China building decoration industry has developed into a number of employees reached 14 million, the total annual value of more than 1 trillion yuan huge industry, accounting for 8% of GDP; industry's annual growth rate of over 20% in the national economy in various industries the upper level, and far higher than the GDP growth rate, as economic growth has made a significant contribution.
To China Building Decoration and materials to build a business market, the lifeline to grasp and expand market share of international professional trade platform, the second China Beijing International Construction Technology and Urban Construction Exhibition and international fire protection, fire-retardant (product) equipment and technology exhibition will BUchina2011 will be September 15, 2011 September 17, National Convention Center in Beijing was held. More than good will BUchina2011 building will feature a collection of trade show, to create a complete industry showcase! BUchina2011BUchina2011 specialized implementation of a comprehensive framework for implementation, based on the integration of professional advantages and features!
BUchina2011 by the authority on the construction industry association - the Ministry of Construction China Construction Standardization Association, the National Committee building high-tech industries, International Trade Promotion Association of China, Beijing hosted Harbourfront Exhibition Co., Ltd., taking into account the different characteristics of each sub-area, delay exhibition with the theme of investment, classification and targeted districts to organize their counterparts in the audience of trade buyers and the mode of operation, continues to dig deep to develop their potential, improve the structure, so that BUchina2011 both form an overall scale, but also ensure that all the sub-area exhibition play characteristics, continues to grow.
The exhibition exhibitors adhere to the core target market for the communications policy of the audience, a collection of more than 100 professional media and mass media industry, co-organized forms, multiple levels, effective systematic campaign to create campaign; special reports show careful preparation, pre-show preview of the new product reports, visit the guide, extended news, exhibitions and other promotional materials review material. Play Ministry of Construction, China Construction Standardization Association, the National Committee of the advantages of building high-tech industry, and international cooperation, building materials entrusted to professional associations (school), trade media, Design Association, points will be the development of information, organize group visits; to deep Trade visitors dug resources, nearly 400,000 tickets and 80,000 electronic invitation to the trade group to pass a wide range of information and visit the exhibition invitation.
Exhibition promotion
industry magazines and industry professionals mainstream brand website will work closely with us, for the relevant application industry, before the show, show, show, the full report.
Internet: Fire Resources Network, China Chemical Auxiliary Information Network, China Chemical Network business intelligence, technical exchange network retardant China, China plastic net, net of China's phosphorus chemical industry, plastics Xinxin network, and EMC network, spare edge, China Flame Retardant network, flame retardants network, the Chinese flame network, network fire-retardant materials, fire-retardant building materials network Chinese polymer network, flame retardants market procurement network, China plastic net, plastic net global, green, fire-retardant Network , China Chemical Network equipment, chemical resources, China's plastics industry network, China Network polyurethane spray, China chemical information net.
professional journals, newspaper: "flame retardant market", "Architecture and Supervision", "Residential Technology", "Chinese Architecture", "architectural design code for fire protection", "City and mitigation", "Residential Building Code," " high-rise buildings ", etc.;
targeted direct mail: the whole country, lock 10,000 key buyers, the development will be sent by post direct information.
Show News: Internet on a regular basis to send 400,000 e-mail address.
International Industry Forum held in the same period, form a good synergy, and create more business opportunities for exhibitors.
As an exhibitor, you will have access to the construction industry chain of more than 300 exhibitors and over 20,000 * more than the visitors.
  professional visitors mainly from the following sectors:
Building contractor; developers; supervision department; supporting suppliers, distribution companies; government, industry associations, research institutions.
visitors mainly come from professionals in the following sectors:

Procurement; market development; operations management; technology, design, research and development; maintenance;

Exhibitors and exhibits

Flame retardants: halogen flame retardants, organic phosphorus flame retardants, inorganic flame retardant, smoke suppressant, intumescent flame retardant, silicone flame retardants, flame retardant masterbatch, and other flame retardants;

Flame-retardant plastics and products: PP, PE, EVA, PVC, PS, HIPS, ABS, PMMA, PA, PC, PET, POM, PPO, PU, ​​UPE, PF, EP, PHB, PAR, PI, PAI, PEI, PEEK, LCP, flame-retardant plastics and other products;

Flame-retardant electrical and electronic products: flame-retardant wire and cable, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, electrical, and other flame-retardant electrical and electronic products;

Fire-resistant coating: decorative fire resistant paint, fireproof paint, concrete, fire retardant paint, fire-resistant coating cables, and other fire-resistant coating;

Fire plate, sheet: gypsum board, calcium silicate boards, fiber reinforced cement board, glass wool board, mineral wool board, rock wool board, perlite board expanded vermiculite fireproof board, sheet metal composite, glass fiber products, fire-resistant glass, fire sound and thermal insulation products, and other fire plate / sheet;

Fire detection and alarm: fire detectors, fire alarms, alarm control equipment, alarm buttons, trigger parts, broadcasting system, monitoring system;

Fire-fighting equipment: fire hydrants, fire hose, emergency equipment, fire equipment, fire extinguishers, water cannons, fire agents, fire ladder, fire engines, rescue tools, and other fire fighting equipment;

Flame-retardant textile fibers and products: flame-retardant fiber fabrics, flame-retardant wool fabric, flame retardant polyester fabric, flame retardant nylon fiber, flame-retardant acrylic fiber, flame-retardant polypropylene fiber, flame-retardant carpet, flame-retardant textile fibers and other products;

Flame-retardant rubber and products: natural rubber NR, EPDM EPDM, chloroprene rubber CR, silicone rubber SiB, isoprene rubber, IR, SBR SBR, butyl rubber, IIR, butadiene rubber, BR, NBR NBR, fluorine Rubber FR, epichlorohydrin ECO, chlorinated polyethylene CPE, and other flame-retardant rubber products;

Flame retardant furniture: software sofas, mattresses, table and fire-retardant, flame-retardant seats, and other fire-retardant furniture;

Fireproof materials: vermiculite, perlite, calcium aluminate cement, magnesium oxychloride cement, glass fibers, ceramic fibers, aramid fibers, phenolic resin, flame-retardant polymer materials, fire-retardant wood, and other fire prevention materials;

Fire Barrier Products: fire doors, fire shutter, fire retardant ring, fire dampers, fire separation other products;
The building where the fire retardant products in the category of development, development, production, sales, agency, business, industry and commerce authorities have registered enterprises, research institutes, universities and joint ventures, cooperative enterprises, wholly foreign-owned and foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions vendors are invited to participate.

Rules and Regulations

 1, booth rental fees:













Area B


8800 yuan / extension


 Participating companies in English and fascia, aluminum frame, stands closed white Poly board, one side open for the 3 surface with two openings for the second side, booth carpet, consulting desk, white fluorescent lamps or spotlights light, power socket, 5A / 220V,. chairs, a wastebasket.


Area A


 10,800 yuan / extension


Foreign investment


 USD3000 / extension







Area B


800 yuan / m 2 / roll


An empty space, without any facilities.


Area A


 1000 yuan / m 2 / roll


Foreign investment


 USD300 / m 2 / roll


Special note: booth principles: first application, first payment, first, the organizer reserves the right to transfer the final stand.

2, the services provided

1) Exhibition organizers free of charge to exhibitors to provide the following services:

a) In the "Show Journal" published on the exhibitor name, address, phone, fax, website, e-mail and other basic information and exhibitors (not more than 300 words in English);

b) Complimentary "Exhibition Catalogue";

c) Site clean;

d)Invited to attend the opening ceremony and other related activities;

e) Standard booth construction and dismantling;

f) Exhibitors badge;

g) 24 hours security services exhibition;

h) VIP card offers exhibitors and visitors permit;

2) Exhibition organizers paid to provide the following services:

a) "Exhibition Catalogue" published advertisements;

b) Exhibition tickets on the back of advertising;

c) Exhibition gallery banner advertising;

d)Hall Square, outdoor advertising;

e) Rent, room arranging technical exchanges;

f) Audio-visual rental equipment;

g)Additional electricity and exhibition;

h)Exhibits transport;

i)Exhibitors travel and accommodation arrangements;

j)Exhibits customs;

k)Personnel services include: translation booths, waiters, hostesses;

l) Transportation and access to museum exhibits placed.

3, Workshop
During the exhibition, organized by the enterprises can apply for Senior Seminar and launch new products and technologies.

High-technology exchange will attract many professionals for domestic and foreign advanced technology, equipment, exchange of experience providing irreplaceable opportunity.

(Forum, please consult the Office of China Flame Retardant Society breeze; conferences, lectures content and staffing will be announced);

Time: 60 minutes / field (Note: a calculation by less than a take seminars, please fill out the application form).

Cost: Foreign: $ 2,000 / field
    Domestic enterprises: 8000 yuan / field

Conference configuration: Provides lectures exchange sites, large screen, projector, audio, microphone, drinking water.

4, ads, ads (optional item, unit: RMB / yuan)


Directory Advertising


Ticket Ads


Outdoor Advertising














Inflatable arch


















The exhibition, visit, consultation please contact:

Beijing Bo Hai Ming Hui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 21, Chaoyang District, Beijing Guangqu rich maritime gold Room 1712, Block B

Code: 100022

Tel :010 -59572690 / 2691 / 2692

Fax :010 -59,574,714


Contact: Hu Na

Mobile: 15011480981




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