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2011 and the Seventh International Auto Parts Exhibition Russia

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Date from 2011-08-24 to 2011-08-28
City Moscow
Address Moscow, Crocus Exhibition Center
Exhibition Hall Moscow, Crocus Exhibition Center

Financing of the first show back in the beginning, it is positioned to attract the world's top automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and distributors of the event.

April 2005 with the exhibition organizers to Ford, CITROEN, AVTOTOR (阿芙多托尔 company), AVTOFRAMOS (Moscow city government's joint venture with France's Renault), OBUKHOV AVTOCENTRE, Russian energy giant SLAVNEFT and some other well-known companies participating in co-operation on matters of become the same. InterAuto2005 successfully attracted 400 well-known international companies, industries related to automobile, auto parts and accessories, professional car audio system, showing when to display the subject block. In the session of the exhibition, including BMW, Alpina B7, Citroen C6, Opel Zafira (Zafira), Chevrolet Spark, Renault Mudos other car debut. 2010 Auto Union to join with Europe, will attract more world-renowned brands of vehicles and auto parts manufacturers come to the exhibition. The success of the first InterAuto IEC Crocus Expo International Auto Show held in his and laid a good foundation, IEC Crocus Expo also has acquired a wealth of experience. Based on these advantages, the exhibition management has decided to convene the second session of the 2006 exhibition.But also in the International Automobile Manufacturers Association (OICA) support and confirmation, InterAuto 2006 organizing committee decided to convene in the year Moscow International Automobile Salon 2006 (referred to as AutoSalon). AutoSalon is Eastern Europe's most prestigious commercial vehicle exhibition will not only display the world's major car makers a variety of models, and Eastern Europe will attract more professional visitors. The show is now in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Baltic countries, the most influential professional show. 2009 event attracted more than 40 countries from around the world about 2,000 exhibiting companies participate, exhibition area of ​​over 120,000 square meters, more than one million visitors, mainly from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and other countries. Part of the exhibitors are: Mercedes - Benz, Lexus, Nissan, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, Audi, Fiat, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, snow Flemish, Mazda, Ford, AvtoVAZ (Russia's largest car manufacturer), etc. Ford, Mazda, BMW, Mitsubishi, Honda, Citroen demonstrated at the show are representative of future trends in the development of a new vehicle concept car. 2009 Auto Union for failing to Europe, it is INTERAUTO small, the exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters and 670 exhibitors, the audience is 20 million.

Scope of Exhibits:
1, parts and components: driving, vehicle, body, electronic and electrical accessories and components

2, systems and modules: internal, external, drive, drive and electronic control system

3, vehicle equipment and accessories, braking Equipment: generator, starter, starter - AC power system, battery, ignition, spark plugs, heating plug

4, the engine and equipment: engines, cylinder components, connecting rods, bearings, pistons, piston rings; valves, springs, tappet, camshaft; crankshaft; cylinder surface, cylinder head gaskets, cylinder head cover lining bed liner, belt, drive chain, converters, oil pressure sensor, radiator, cooling system, coolant, etc.

5, row gas and fuel supply systems: tanks, piping, pipes, pumps, water pumps, air pump, filter, carburetor, jet pumps, syringes and parts, turbocharger, turbocharger, exhaust, muffler, exhaust pipe development, catalytic converters, level sensor, scale
6, engineering and high technology: materials, design and process technology solutions and processes, testing and quality control

7, accessories and tuning: car audio, car lamps, auto air conditioning, special equipment, control systems, security products, electronic equipment and automotive beauty

8, maintenance and services: automotive equipment repair and service, body repair and painting, garage construction and maintenance, fuel supply.

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