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International Plastics Exhibition 2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Date from 2011-06-27 to 2011-06-30
City Argentina
Address Buenos Aires Exhibition Center
Exhibition Hall Buenos Aires Exhibition Center

 Show Description
 Argentina international plastics exhibition by the local's largest, and has successfully hosted the show 38-year-old BANPAKU SA sponsored the exhibition.  As in the past two years, Argentina's economic growth, so the plastics and other products in the period of strong market demand. If you want a closer understanding of the Argentine market, a closer understanding of the plastics market in South America, Argentina, International Plastics Exhibition 2011 is your best access to the Argentine market and provide you with a way to understand the Argentine market, one of the best platform.

Show Review and related data
 Argentina international plastics exhibition every two years.  Net exhibition area of the last 32,000-odd square, and 517 companies from around the world attend the show, most exhibitors from South America such as Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, but some have come from North America and Europe, the exhibition also attracted 35,525 buyers to visit and negotiate, in addition to Argentina, the local buyers, most of the rest is also from South America. The exhibitors and buyers, allow us to understand the Chinese companies closer South American market.

Argentina's market introduction
Argentina is South America's second largest common market economy, and the Common Market of the zero-tariff trade between Member States, so long as any goods into the Argentine market, it can mean unimpeded access to other members of the Southern Common Market countries such as Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay in the market.  In the financial crisis originated in the U.S. is still affecting the world economic environment, the United States as represented in the United States and Europe continue to improve the access threshold for Building Materials, Africa, South America and other emerging markets as China plastic plastic exporters focus. Among them, Argentina and neighboring countries a huge market for plastics really exciting. It is understood that Argentina is the second largest South American common market economy, but the relatively slow pace of development, Argentina's manufacturing sector can not meet domestic market demand, all the necessary plastic products imported from Brazil.  This Argentine import of plastic products at reasonable prices or not is a challenge. Thus, in 2011 Argentina International Plastics Exhibition will be Argentina's market you are entering one of the best way you know Argentina will also be an excellent platform for the plastics market.

Remark of Exhibition
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