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  • Suzhou Star Packaging Product Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:(We Sell): ESD shielding bags,anti-static Moisture barrier bag,conductive grid bags,anti-static PE bags,conductive PE bags,vacuum bag,air bubble bags/wrap,bubble foil insulation material,bubble mailer
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
  • Changchun Zhongke Applied Chemistry Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:Mastic,heat shrinkable insulation tape,busbar insulation tape,silicone self-amalgamation tape,waterproof sealing mastic,stress control tape,waterproof insulation tape,insulation sleeve,high voltage heat shrinkable insulation tape,low voltage heat shr
  • (Manufacture )  
  • Ates Tugla Refractory Materials
  • Main Business:efractory, Fire Bricks, Chamot, Silica, Zircon, High Alumina, Fused Mllite, Silimanite, Azs Zac, Fused Cast Azs, Glass Furnace, Ceramic Furnace, Jargal, Zircon Mullite, Alumina Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Resistance Bricks, Chimney Bricks, Nozzles, Re
  • (Manufacture , Trade , Agent )  
  • Xiamen Kuck Coating Group Co., Ltd.
  • Main Business:enterprise integrating construction coatings, building insulation, nuclear protective coating, anti-corrosion coatings, epoxy resin ground coatings, wear-resistant ground coating, waterproofing materials
  • (Manufacture , Trade , Service )  
  • Zi Bo GuanJia Trading Co., LTD
  • Main Business:Our main products are flame retardant Zinc Borate with 3.5 or 7 crystal waters and anhydrous, rubber and plastics insulation sheets and pipes with level 0, B1, B2.
  • (Manufacture , Trade )  
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